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The objective of this project is to provide a gaming experience based on the sound environment. The constraints imposed consequently were :

  • Game playable by blind, if possible without external tools
  • Minimalist graphics, brief or abstract
  • No text, no voice (except for the explanation of the controls)
  • No music
  • Visual informations not important compared to the sound elements

I decided to orient the project to a dungeon crawl game, taking the game Legend of Grimrock as the main source of inspiration. A tile-based movement seemed adapted to the constraints of the project. The player can move, rotate, attack, use an inventory and interact with some objects. Present from the beginning of the adventure, a wolf lead the player with his constant panting. The game has four levels. Working alone on the project, graphic and sound assets were found on Internet.

Project done in three weeks with the game engine Unity.

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